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Nothing gets by you! It stands to reason that the number 30 is a lucky number for Pisces given its connection to Pisces lucky number 3 for However, this is a number of the completion of cycles and life chapters, and symbolises a contented culmination to things and a gaze towards a new horizon into which you can expect to step with quiet confidence.

Pisces Daily Horoscope October Astrology on the Web

The number 30 will show up in moments when the universe is trying to coax Pisces towards a lucky break, but is also ensuring that they follow their own inner voice and not the overwhelming ideas and coaxing of others. It could be on your bank statement — a transaction that stands out to you in some way — or on the 30th of a given month.

It could even be a flash of inspiration that strikes just as bus number 30 drives by, seemingly out of nowhere! However good fortune graces you, Pisces, keep in mind that this ending of cycles is always to your luckiest benefit. Almost every culture in the world has a superstitious appreciation for lucky number 7, and 7 is a lucky number for Pisces people both in and countless other years besides, too.

The number 7 is a number of a sudden windfall or a big moment of good lucky that somehow redefines how daily life is led. However, it might also transpire that a single Pisces person will meet their soulmate in and find their birthday is on the 7th of a month — or that they were born in the 7th month of the year. Pisces people who have been struggling during the course of recent years with their month are advised to stay the course just a little longer.

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The lucky number 7 — a job interview leading to a role in an office on the 7th floor, even — might well lead to a sudden new beginning. Creative Pisces people can expect their passions to take off and become a decent little earner seemingly all at once. This is a number of coming of age and of looking towards new beginnings, in many ways having much to do with Pisces lucky number 7.

And of course, 1 plus 6 is 7!

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  5. Those ideas that Pisces has been working on that seemed to be waiting for just the right moment — the opportune moment — to take flight will reach their zenith when the lucky number 16 is involved. Pisces people born 16th March can expect to have an especially lucky , in which events will fall in line beautifully, step by step. The 16th of each month, mid-month, is a good time to take stock of events during the year, Pisces.

    Finding your Pisces power number…

    Make time on the 16th of each month to touch base with those you care about, or to meditate alone. Be it in conversation with someone near and dear, or through insights gained in meditation, a sudden flash of ideas and good fortune — a new opportunity, or setting up a date with a new partner to be — may well become all the clearer for happening on the 16th of a given month. However, this lucky energy of opening opportunities exists for all Pisces people during the course of The 21st of the month might well be the date you learn about landing that dream job.

    The flight that leaves at could lead Pisces to the vacation that changes their life forever for the better.

    How to know daily lucky numbers?

    Whenever you notice the number 21 while out and about, Pisces, take a look around at your surroundings, or take a moment to open your mind to the ideas swirling within you. The number 5 is one such number that Pisces people are advised to avoid. The number 65 is similarly aligned, although steers more towards the issue of finance or of poor communication with a loved one.

    The number 65 might show up in times when bills land on the doormat in ways that disrupt your vacation or wedding plans, Pisces. While we all have our own defence mechanisms in life, you might need to let your guard down to let the good luck in! But your passionate nature will no longer be denied. You are ready to take a chance. So, you will start the day hinting at this fantasy to your partner and this is going to gradually build up to a grand finale which you are going to enjoy very much indeed.

    Today's Horoscope for Pisces

    Your partner has as much an active fantasy life as you do, but you have been very successful in hiding this from your partner. So, when you come out with a completely new side of your romantic ideas today, your partner is going to be surprised but delighted. This is a day of no restraint. Suggest what you desire most to your partner and chances are high that your suggestions will be well received. So, get prepared to enjoy a glorious romantic adventure with your partner today, provided you can take the first step and actually reveal your demands and desires to your partner.

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