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Demanding Saturn in your foundational fourth house is throwing major shade to el Sol for one day, threatening to destabilize a solid connection. Hit pause and resist all knee-jerk reactions. Are you disheartened by their behavior—or are you feeling a tad guilty about something you might have done differently? If there is anything you can realistically do to show remorse, do so today. And use it as a teachable moment to trust yourself and not reflexively shapeshift to appease others. Tuesday kicks off a scintillating new chapter as your enchanting ruler, Venus, makes her annual red-carpet entrance into Scorpio and your second house of practical luxury and work and finances until November 1.

This is your cosmic cue to slow your roll and relish all your earthly senses. There could be a shift in your job or work responsibilities, or you might have the opportunity to flex your uber-creative muscles. But for Libras, this Venus transit is also about romance and upscale pleasures—some of your favorite words in the English language!

Pamper yourself with some indulgent-yet-essential beauty treatments and bodywork. Oh hello gorgeous, Leo. Cheer up! You're almost done with Scorpio season.

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Granted, whenever the sun travels through our fourth house, we're naturally introverted and emotional; although, things are about to change for you, just wait for it. Lights, camera, action! This is so much fun, and the best part is, Jupiter will be here for 13 months, so enjoy every moment! Now, Venus goes direct the same day Mercury goes retrograde, so before you let loose, don't forget to read the fine print. Last but not least, the sun joins Jupiter on Nov.

Time to live your best life. OK, Virgo.

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Let's get the bad news out of the way. Granted, no one likes it when their planetary ruler isn't working at its full potential; however, there's definitely some things you should re-evaluate in the home front. Are you being authentic about your needs? Have you been communicating with your loved ones? Luckily, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, and this area of your chart, on Nov. You deserve it, Virgo. Now, Mars enters Pisces, and your seventh house of partnerships, the day before. So, in the midst of your internal reflection, try to keep cool as this could spark some quarrels in your relationships.

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On a brighter note, the energy of Pisces is gentle and romantic, so remind yourself that it's OK to dream every once and a while. I know, Libra. It's been a roller coaster; however, I have great news and I think you'll be excited, too. The true node enters Cancer, and your ambitious 10th house of career and destiny in the world, on Nov. Do you know what this means? All of your hard work is finally paying off, and for the record, this transit lasts for two years.

Hello, boss babe. It doesn't end there. Venus, your planetary ruler, finally goes direct on Nov.

Libra 12222 Horoscope

You can finally go to the salon and get that much-needed new look going! Now, don't get me wrong; you're beautiful just the way you are, but we all know you love getting your glam on. Lucky Jupiter enters your chatty third house of siblings, communication, and your immediate network on Nov. Are you ready to launch that new project on social media?

Just make sure you do it before Mercury goes retrograde on Nov. The sun will join Jupiter in Sagittarius on Nov. Don't be afraid to speak up. Oh, Scorpio. There's so much in the works for you! We're at the peak of your birthday season, and on Nov. Are you ready to take that leap of faith?

Now, even though Jupiter leaves your sign on Nov. Salary increase? Yes please! This is a beautiful time for you to embrace your charms and gifts, while reflecting on your core values. Mars, planet of energy, sex, and physicality, enters Pisces and your fifth house of creativity on Nov. Talk about getting those juices flowing. This is your time to shine, Scorpio. You're feeling yourself. Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Your birthday season officially kicks off on Nov. That's not all; lucky Jupiter, aka your ruling planet, goes home and enters your sign on Nov. This is honestly the best birthday gift ever, and the best part is, Jupiter will be traveling through your sign for the next 13 months.

How are you going to celebrate? What about a birthday adventure?

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Whatever you do, make sure you plan this getaway before Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. With the communication planet traveling backwards, there could be some unnecessary glitches with your itinerary. Not to worry, everything always works out for the best, just make sure you read the fine print.

Think you've done enough, Capricorn?

Libra Horoscope: November 2015

I know, I know; the clock never stops ticking, but that doesn't mean you should overwork yourself. There's a lot happening this month, starting with the True Node entering your polar opposite sign Cancer on Nov.

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Are you current relationships aligned with your soul truth? This is a time of me vs. Speaking of reflection, lucky Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Nov. The next 13 months will be rather interesting, especially if you haven't taken time for yourself. Don't be afraid to dabble into mysticism. This is the time to do so.

In fact, the sun will join Jupiter in this area of your chart on Nov. Have you ever heard of a nap? Oh, Aquarius. You're so groovy, but are your core needs actually being met? You could be re-evaluating your values and relationships in the home front, as Venus has been retrograde since the beginning of last month. On a brighter note, lucky Jupiter enters adventurous Sagittarius, and your eleventh house of friendships, tribe, and extended network on Nov. This is totally your scene, Aquarius. Are you ready to get out into the community and do what you do best?